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Currently, games such as: League of Legends, DOTA 2, FIFA, Heroes of the Storm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch are a global phenomenon that fills stadiums and attracts millions of viewers online. The final of the World of legends world tournament in 2014 gathered 45,000 fans, and in 2019 the game's stream had 3,985,787 spectators at its peak. The prize pool for the same tournament is 2,225,000 US dollars, and the protective box for the championship cup was made by Louis Vuitton. HTC, Puma, Nike, Red Bull, Honda and BMW are just some of the major sponsors of tournaments and professional teams, with the e-sports industry estimated to have already surpassed the $ 1 billion annual global revenue mark. More and more countries are recognizing and equating e-sports with existing physical ones. As early as 2013, the US government began issuing sports visas to professional League of Legends players, and e-sports are currently being discussed to become part of the 2024 Olympics. A lot of people play computer and console games for fun. For professional players, however, things are quite different. Most racing teams live together in special mansions and often spend up to 12 hours training. In addition to the daily discipline and dedication they must demonstrate, they face the same challenges that all athletes experience in a major competition.

Ā study reveals that e-sports players face 51 different stressors, such as communication problems and worries about performing in front of a large audience (just like football or rugby players, for example). Researchers recommend that players undergo a special psychological "training" to deal with these situations. Former Quake 3 contestant and current professor at the University of Chichester Rams Singh says: “E-sports is a growing field, but it is important that it be considered by academia. This way we will be able to better understand gaming and its impact on the mind and body. Yes, while "running" on Summoner's rift or Dust 2, you can't fall and break something. However, this does not mean that e-sports do not have any physical aspect. Many games require incredible precision and coordination. One indicator of good reflexes, for example, is "action per minute" (APM). It is used mainly in strategy games such as Starcraft and its levels in professionals reach 350 or even 400. Research shows considerable differences in the focus of the eyes of amateur and professional CS players (the focus of competitors is mainly on the sight of their weapon and the center of the screen ). Also there are injuries. Of the 65 players surveyed, the results are as follows: 56% experience eye fatigue, 42% neck and back pain and 36% wrist pain. 40% of them report that they do not perform any physical exercises.

Spectator interest in e-sports increased by 19.3%, and in 2018 increased by another 13.8% compared to the previous 12 months. The total number rises to 380 million. The growth of the video game industry continues in 2019, when viewer interest is reported at 443 million people, of which almost 200 million are enthusiasts. Experts estimate that by 2023 the eSports industry will have nearly 650 million viewers. Sponsors also play an important role in the development of e-sports. They are investing more and more in teams and eSports tournaments. This is completely justified, given the growing number of people involved in e-sports. Figures show that in 2016, the total revenue of the industry is estimated at $ 493 million. In 2018, revenues of $ 776 million were reported, while a year later there was a significant increase of 22.4% over the previous year.

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