Planned commissioning in 2026
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Our idea is to provide conditions for simultaneous work and rest of departments, directorates or small companies. At the same time, working in such an informal atmosphere, but at the same time completely complete in terms of business functions environment is used for the purposes of team building. The technologies in recent years allow full-fledged work for a large number of activities in the field of information technology, which do not require the physical presence of the employee in the company's office.

The building will be equipped for the needs and will be offered for use as a bootcamp (training center for e-sports) - a service without analogue to date in the Republic of Bulgaria. In addition to developing the standard services offered by a guest house, the site will be rented by e-sports teams for tactical and conditioning training, team building and entertainment in an alternative, motivating and at the same time relaxing rural environment.

Especially suitable service for companies in the field of information technology - which at the same time seek diversity and encourage creativity of their employees when it comes to creative activities in graphic design, web design, programming, finding solutions in a team. Everything goes better in an informal atmosphere away from the big city. With such a remote working week, the business can rely on high results and the principle of work guarantees a much longer and more productive working day, due to the informality of all activities and exchange of ideas.

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